Brianna Kish is a photographer and upcoming retoucher interested in the romantic and vintage flair to fashion and beauty -- but with a modern edge. She's a recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago with a BA in Photography with a Commercial Concentration, and at the University of Westminster in London. She currently lives and works in the Chicago area.

The simpler and finer things in life are what make it worth while; that's what I like to focus on. For my fashion photography, I aim to create images that appear as if they were from a dream. The more romantic and elegnant, the better. I aim to enhance the features of the people I'm photographing, dramatizing to create emotion and invoke feeling. 

I am working towards entering the commercial field, with the goal of photographing editorial spreads for fashion magazines and beauty campaigns.

All prints are for sale. Don't hesitate to contact me in terms of pricing and format.